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Food for the skin and the senses

Discover pure nature and perfect balance in every bottle.

For your total well-being every single day. For over 25 years the healing power of medicinal plants and their active ingredients have been our unreserved passion and dedication.

Primavera, the goddess of spring, is our hallmark of quality:
We stand for pure natural products, fair trade with our organic farming partners and a respectful relationship with both man and the natural world. Discover and enjoy our discerning range of natural cosmetics, supporting aromatherapy care products and top quality perfumes which ensure a harmonious environment and your total well-being every single day. With PRIMAVERA LIFE you are guaranteed the very best nature has to offer. For quality of life and joi de vivre, for your natural beauty and general good health, PRIMAVERA LIFE has been developing natural products of the highest quality for over twenty years, and works closely with organic farming partners worldwide.