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Active in summertime

The soothing climate in the health resort

"Premium Class" with a healthy and fresh air.

Amidst the Scheidegger sun deck around Buflinsried extends the new 9-hole golf course of the golf club Scheidegg, only five minutes of walking distance away from our hotel. Find additional information and pictures here.

Nordic Walking
You have the choice between 22 well-signposted Nordic-Waling-routes with a different skill level. Beginners can learn this sport here and borrow the gear in the village. However, also skilled and professionals will find their joy in our beautiful and varied scenery. Beforehand we have collected some information here on our Nordic walking flyer.

As a "Premium Class" health resort Scheidegg offers you healthy climate and fresh air. Additionally, kilometer long hiking-, and footways, themed trails, chapel trails, the Kneipp-outright, the Käsestraße and the Jakobusweg. The varied countryside with lawns, forest, courses of the stream, ravines (ice ravines) and waterfalls (Scheidegger waterfalls) will be a great joy for you. Experience the free nature for your relaxation and pleasant stay. A wonderful experience is the skywalk Allgäu- a canopy pathway on which you will experience the forest in a new way.

The west-Allgäuer waterway
Enchanted and dreamy - follow the waterway by foot.
"Calm and idyllic ponds, deep and concealed fountains, historic mills, high weirs and overgrown trenches, deep canals and small trickles, noisy streams and roaring waterfalls.

Bathing with children in the ponds, building ships out of sticks and dams from rocks. Hiking on lonely paths, from the fountain to the ravine, through dark and colorful woods in the open green. Or just sitting at the water finding peace" (Text source: homepage westallgä

The west-Allgäuer Käsestraße
The west-Allgäuer Käsestraße is an insider's tip for an aficionado: several Alpine dairies, inns and direct farms have combined with a brewery and distillery for a 46 kilometer long experience, that shows the culinary west-Allgäu from its finest side.

The west-Allgäuer Käsestraße proceeds apart from the bulk of the traffic of the southern west-Allgäu until Bad Wurzach in the north, the city on the transition to Oberschwaben. Experience on bike or foot how the Allgäuer Emmentaler or Allgäuer Bergkäse is traditionally created. Cozy restraurants invite you to stay for a snack. In nearly every Alpine dairy you have the opportunity to directly see the creation of the cheese. Or do you happen to know how the holes are created?

Kneipp-circular path
Kneipp viewpoints, as well as the most beautiful view of west-Allgäu at Rodersbühl, allow the hiker to not only see the mountain panorama of the Allgäuer- and Austrian Alpines but also to have an astonishing view over the Bodensee up until the Appenzellerland over the southern Black Forest and the Württembergian surroundings.

On the tables collected by the fist chairman Erwin Obenaus hikers will find jokes, quotes and anecdotes on their paths. Additionally, there are tips, hints and recommendations of pastor Kneipp for a healthy way of living.

In ancient tiems the people traveled from fountain to fountain. They were searcing for themselves and their herds pasture- and resting places. Later, chapels were created at the surrounding fountains. That way they were able to travel from fountain to fountain and chapel to chapel. The healthy climate health resort Scheidegg has 13 chapels withing its environment, including the ecumenical St.-Hubertus-chapel (picture). Every of these chapels is a special treasure. All chapels are combined with the katholic parish church St. Gallus, the protestant church of the resurrection and the Kreuzberg with its famous high paths as well as the small and big ecumenical chapel path. These are paths for body and soul.

The Jakobus-pilgrimage in west-Allgäu
An extensive flyer dealing with the individual stages of the Jakobus-path in west-Allgäu (Stiefenhofe - Weiler - Lindenberg/ Scheidegg) can be found here as a PDF-file.

" Soothing spa treatment "